Finally Some Hope ūüôŹūüŹĽ

Hi all,
Hope your all doing well and are having a good weekend?
During this blog I wanted to talk about my recent appointment I had in London with a new Specialist, who had come all the way from Atlanta City,USA for work and a family holiday.
Well on the 9th March, I met Dr Patel at a London hotel in Kensington, so. That he could give me an assessment. Dr Patel specialises in Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction, which is one of the contributing causes of Dystonic symptoms. 
When he was examining me he had noticed that my jaw  is out of alignment, potentially a defect that I have since birth but he thinks the continuous bangs to the head and concussions from rugby, may have made it a permanent fixture. I know my hands are affected but it’s all connected. 

‚ÄčThe videos I’m posting below are to show what he practices can and will help me. This is just a taster and hand on heart the results where amazing. I had improvement both in speech and hands. The hand video is very impressive. 

‚ÄčAs we stated, this is only the start, I need a mouth guard to wear permanently and I maybe going to Atlanta USA for this but waiting on confirmation.

It’s going to be a long journey but I’m so positive it will work. It’s the most hope I’ve had in 9years. It’s nice and heart warming to have a specialist who wants to help and not being told by the usual Specialist to get use to it like I have been for years.
So there’s a bit of a moral behind this blog. If you are like me and are not happy with what you arebeing told by your Specialists, then don’t give up! I knew deep down my Dystonic Symptoms occurred from a simple explanation and I was right.

I opened up, I showed the world with videos and pictures my struggles,battles, determination and hard graft battling Dystonia physically and mentally.

If anyone is out there reading this blog and have been in the same situation as me where they have no real answers from Dr’s only you can make the change. Just be open about your problems or disability. Being open for the world to see maybe that one person could have the answer your looking for ūüôƂ̧

We are in a society where sometimes we can only help ourselves in getting the answers we need and from my past experiences, being an open book ūüďĖ goes a long way ūüôĆ
I hope you enjoyed this blog, I would love to hear your thoughts or any questions you may have ūüėä


Don’t Be So Serious

Hi everyone,

Maybe it sounds a bit strange coming from me not to be so serious, maybe it doesn’t‚Ķ

Of course, it goes without saying I take my diet and training seriously. I’ll always put the work in and do whatever it takes to become a better example of myself than I was last year. But, I don’t take it so seriously that I become a miserable twat!

Thing is, I see a lot of young lads come and go in the gym who take themselves so seriously that they forget about the rest of their life. Balance isn’t just important, it‚Äôs healthy! When you‚Äôre in the gym it is game face on, all the way until the end. Same goes for your diet, prep your meals and stay on top of that. But, between all of this just chill out a bit and enjoy yourself.

The lifestyle I lead is really fun and rewarding, I wouldn’t have it any other way. However I don‚Äôt forget about my friends, wife, family and social life either. You can have balance if you allow yourself to.

It‚Äôs easy to become so obsessed that the gym is all you think about. It‚Äôs a great hobby and something you should really enjoy, but just make sure you‚Äôre spending just as much energy in other important areas of your life. Sometimes lads will ask me so many questions about everything I do like their life depends on it, I‚Äôm left thinking ‚Äúf***ing hell mate, chill out.‚ÄĚ It‚Äôs a journey against yourself, enjoy it for what it is!

Don‚Äôt be so serious about things all of the time, just be serious when it matters. Do you understand what i’m saying ??

PS comparing yourself against others will usually make you feel miserable, so always make yourself the competition. That’s a really good bit of advice that!

I hope you enjoyed the blog and please feel free to leave a comment or question ‚ėļ

Who and What Inspires Me..

Hi all,

I hope you’re¬†all doing well?

During this blog I wanted to take a moment to talk about¬†who and what¬†inspires me. I feel that this is an important subject to talk about.¬†Even though some of us might think we have a strong¬†mind set, it’s always good to have that person that gives us that little push when we need it,¬†it’s¬†usually someone who you look up to and gives you that little bit of belief and¬†motivation.

I will start with what¬†inspires me. To be honest that’s a pretty easy question for me to answer. Seeing people who¬†face constant daily challenges, struggles¬†and pain¬†and still approaching life with¬† a big smile on their face and living their life to the best of¬†their capabilities, is what inspires me the¬†most. In understand their struggles and how hard it is to sometimes get out of bed and face the day, so when you can do all of this and still smile then you to me are a true inspiration.

I received this lovely message the other day from somebody who was in a car accident five years ago:


Receiving¬†messages¬†like this on a daily basis,¬†¬†is what¬†inspires me. Knowing what I’m doing and achieving In life, whilst¬†battling¬† Dystonia, is pretty cool and ensures me that my message is doing its work and getting out there.

Okay, onto the next question. WHO inspires me?? Would you say we have our own inspiration? Someone we look up to? Admire? Want to be like?

This might sound really cheesy¬†and big headed but I would say I’m my own inspiration. I look at myself and I feel¬† proud. I am proud of myself most of all for keeping a positive¬† mind set, even through the hardest of days and gruelling treatments…


To me training through the pain that Dystonia causes…


I dont want to sound like I’m trying to blow smoke up my own arse but I look back over my last eight years the struggles and the¬† dark times I’ve been through and I can’t believe the position how far¬† I have come and what I have achieved. I am proud of myself¬† and it feels good to say this.

I want to finish with the quote;

“Believe in yourself & you will be unstoppable.”

I hope you enjoyed the blog and feel free to leave a comment or question¬† ūüėä

Having A Strong Mindset

Hi all,

Hope you are doing well and are having a good weekend?

I apologise for not doing a blog in the last few weeks, my life has been pretty hectic and upside down in a good kind of way because we are having our house renovated.

During this blog I wanted too take a moment to talk about why having a strong mindset has helped me to mentally battle my Dystonia. Having a strong mindset can and will take you along way, not just in life but on a whole, from how you represent yourself to others and how you overcome obstacles.

Look, I’m not trying to say I had a¬†strong¬†mindset at the start of my Dystonia, it was the complete opposite. With no diagnosis for the first four years and nowhere and no one to turn to, let’s just say my mindset was beyond poor, my mental attitude was weak. I unfortunately turned to drink and drugs. I’m not ashamed to admit what I did. Admitting this, for me , shows how much of a real person I’m and I am not afraid to talk about my wrong doings.

My mind-set and mental wellbeing¬†definitely improved¬†after I was diagnosed. I knew, in my¬†head I needed to make a change as I was spiralling out of control (not many¬†knew that). I’ve never suffered with depression¬†and yes I’ve had anxiety but I think everyone suffers in some way shape or form during their life.

As you know fitness was probably the biggest stepping stone to leading me to getting such a strong mind-set. Keeping fit and looking good made my confidence grow, making me think I could do anything and not let this so called DYSTONIA CONTROL MY LIFE.


I would probably not be in the position I’m¬†today if¬†I did not change my mindset into such a positive and happy¬†one. Everyday is a battle but one that I welcome and certainly not scared of. I can positively say that I am now in control and I feel great.

When you know deep down your life is spiralling out of control mentally the best place to start is your mind-set. If you can relate to some of the points raised in this blog , you may think how or where do I start! Its starts with you, only you can make the change to be the best version of you, its in there somewhere I promise you that. You just have to dig deep and find the strength and courage.

I would like to finish with the quote ” Every mistake you make, is progress ”

Remember, nobody in this world is perfect, we all have our problems, secrets and issues, its those of use who choose not to let our demands control our lives that truly shine. Go grab life by the balls and be a winner.

I hope you enjoy the blog and feel free to leave a comment or question ‚ėļ




Being Open About My Disability Helped


Hi all,

I hope you are all over your Christmas blues and are back into the full swing of things ?

During this blog I wanted  to take a moment to talk about why being so open about Dystonia is important to me. With  everything I go through talking about my experience  has helped me to get my story across and to help spread  as much awareness for this not so known about neurological movement disorder.

Before I start I would like to ask, do I look like I have a disability?  Would you believe if I told you I did? How are people supposed to look with a disability?

I’ve¬†now had Dystonia for just over eight years and was only diagnosed just over four years ago. So as soon as I was diagnosed I did my research on Dystonia, found out there was not much information and hardly many people including doctors had hear of Dystonia. So my plan of action was to create as much awareness for it as I possibly could.

So me with already being big into fitness and as an ex semi professional rugby  player, it seemed quite natural to turn to fitness to help me overcome my Dystonia both physically and mentally. Trust me when I say this has been the best medicine.

I had my first big break in 2014. I was asked to do an article about creating awareness for Dystonia¬†and I ¬†was going to be featured¬†in Men’s Fitness Magazine¬†.¬†Here is a link to my interview James Sutliff Men’s Fitness Magazine Interview



photo from Men’s Fitness Magazine UK


I always felt like I was judged by others because of the way that I looked, to some it seemed hard to fathom that somebody that seemed from the our side to be healthy and fit could  have any sort of disability. I was even judged by other Dystonia sufferers who would not believe it and in the end actually deleted me of all social media.

So since Men’s Fitness Magazine Interview I’ve had numerous interviews, photoshoot’s which has¬†created ¬†a hell of a lot awareness, more than I ever imagined. But I still felt¬†like it was not enough and that people who didn’t know me still did not¬†believe that I had a disability. So I knew deep down I had to be really open with everything, from videoing my hand and speech therapy sessions, photos of me being injected with¬† Botox and even doing random talking videos showing my speech progression.


Recent Botox Injections


Its only probably been over the last year where I finally believe that people who don’t know me personally, now do believe that I actually have a disability. I find it¬†mind boggling¬†that I had to prove and show evidence of my Dystonia for everyone to see and to finally be accepted. So overall its the best thing I did being to open with everything.

I would like to finish¬† with¬† the¬† quote the “Don’t worry about those who talk behind your back, they’re behind you for a reason.”

I hope you enjoy¬†this blog and feel free to leave a comment our your life¬† own¬†views ‚ėļ

















How Modelling Found Me

Hi all,

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas with lots of eating,  drinking and socialising with family and friends?

During this blog I wanted  to take a moment to talk about how I got into modelling. I feel this Is a good topic to talk about because I had no intention of getting into modelling and especially because I thought my disability would restrict me from doing so. Its all about positive thinking and being determined, if you want it, go for it.

So in 2014 I was going to apply Men’s Health ¬†front cover competition,¬† which they¬†used to hold yearly. I was doing the competition for myself and to show having a disability you can still achieve anything but I found out they where stopping the competition, I was gutted¬† ūüėĘ. So I needed to rethink what I could do, so I decided on training and dieting as hard as possible for a photoshoot (which I¬†paid for). So I did some research on photographer’s and decided on the very talented Alex Wightman Photography¬†

Edit from Alex Wightman photoshoot –



Well what can I say since the photoshoot¬†its been amazing, I’m involved with¬†well known companies within the fitness industry. Only¬† recently I had a photoshoot with skinny chimp¬†who are the gym clothing company I represent.

Edit from recent Skinny Chimp photoshoot –



Best of all in September this year I had a location photoshoot in Marcella, with the amazing Jules Godfrey Photography 


To this day now I still don’t¬†class myself as a model but I’ve given some amazing modelling opportunities, this year especially and I hope it¬† will¬† go¬†from strength to strength.¬†¬†Anyone who reads this and wants to get into modelling my advice would be to¬†just go for it and don’t¬† be told any different.

I would like to finish with the quote ” I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say ” Because of you I didn’t give up ”

I hope you enjoy this blog and feel free to leave a comment ‚ėļ


Life Doesn’t Stop With A DisABILITY

Hi all,

I hope you are all doing well and looking forward to the Christmas holiday ?

During this blog I wanted to take a moment to talk about why¬†life doesn’t need to stop if you have a disability. I feel that this is an important subject and hopefully when you read this it will encourage you to go and get what you want. Disability or no disability anything you want is in your reach. With a little bit of positive thinking mixed in with some simple lifestyle changes you will be astounded by the changes that can occur.

I completely understand the feeling when everything is against you, you feel¬† completely¬† useless, alone and that¬†you have nothing to give and your disability controls your life.¬†Who’s had those feelings before? Who’s has just wanted to give¬†up? Trust me I’ve had all those feelings and I know it’s a horrible place to be. I’ve learnt the only thing that can get you out of this negative, unproductive ¬†mind set is you and only you. I understand that we are all different, different disabilities, different circumstances but trust me when I say it is possible to be completely ¬†happy with your life and accept all of your disability and the challenges it brings.¬†Hand on my heart I thought my life had ended, I had to give up a well established career as¬†a plumber¬† and heating engineer and also I had to retire from playing rugby.


But¬†I had to knuckle¬†down and not let my disability control my life and future. Here are a few¬†things¬†I’ve found¬†that help me to overcome manage living with a disability.

  1. Keeping Fit has helped me to battle my dystonia both  physically and mentally. If I feel good I look good, I have confidence and whilst I am training  It makes me forget about my problems for a moment, it gives me a boost and a buzz that then motivates me, its like no other drug.


2. Balanced diet –¬†I’m a strong believer, you are what you eat. A balanced diet has helped me tremendously. Eating clean and healthy makes me feel more active and gives me a feel¬†good factor. A poor diet can make¬†you feel sluggish and lazy. When you have those feelings it makes you lazy and my opinion can make your situation worse.

3. A close circle of friends- my friends have and will always be there for me¬†through the good and bad times. They will be¬†with you whenever you need them. Take¬†you for who, you¬† are no matter what. For¬† me I’m lucky to have such a close knit¬†circle of¬†friends.


4. Family are the ones who rally around when the going gets tough. For me, I’m lucky¬† to have amazing in laws and a beautiful wife. Without them I would not be where I am¬†today.


I have accomplished so much since having Dystonia, I’ve started a new career in the fitness Industry, I have had a chance to model,¬†which I thought I would never do, I have sponsorships from numerous company’s and there’s lots to come in 2017. I’m proud to admit I¬†could¬†not be any happier. I¬†am sure that there are still¬†tough times but this does not deter me,¬†I need to keep on going and sustaining that positive mind set so that I can reach my goals and¬† make my dreams and ambitions a reality.

Never let your disability define you, do whatever you want to and work  every day to  reach your goals.

I would like to finish¬† with¬† the¬† quote the “I’m¬†thankful for my struggle because without it I wouldn’t have stumbled across my strength”

I hope you enjoy¬†this blog and feel free to leave a comment our your life¬† own¬†views ‚ėļ