Hello my name is James Sutliff ☺

On the May Bank Holiday of 2008 my life took a sudden, unexpected change. After a normal night out with friends, drinking the usual G & T, I returned home, went to bed as I usually would and slept well. I woke up as I normally would and then I started to feel a little unwell, I put this down to a hangover. I took a small nap, to wake up to something that changed my life in an instant. I found that my speech was badly distorted and slurred; thinking this would pass I carried on as I normally would do. A couple of days later the problem seemed to worsen, so a friend took me to the hospital, where I was admitted straight away. I underwent test after test, to the doctor’s confusion. On paper I was a healthy 24 year old man. Doctors were baffled by what had happened to me and could not finger point a cause or diagnosis. Still almost 9 years on I still have no firm clear cause why this has happened.

I was put under the care of a neurological specialist, whom I saw every 6 months, just to be prodded and poked at. A year had passed and although I still had my speech problem, I was carrying on my life as I normally would do….then the problem directed itself into my hands. I noticed that my thumb on my left hand was starting to become painful and tight and I found it increasingly hard to use, to the point where it eventually closed fully. Over time a couple of my fingers on both my left and right hands did the same. Working as a plumber by trade I found it increasingly hard to continue doing my job, I no longer plumbed as a living. Although I found it very hard going from a drastic wage decrease I found work as labourer. I work with a great team of lads and they help encourage and build my confidence each day.

Finally in the year of 2012 I was diagnosed with dystonia. Finally I had name to this thing that had been ruling my life for so long. I started to read up on dystonia – it is a debilitating disease that can affect your life completely, no matter how minor the symptoms.
My dystonia is treated with botulinum toxin injections and regular hand therapy. The combination helps to relieve some of my symptoms such as pain, stiffness/spasms and range of movement. I am able to grip gym equipment more freely, with a better range of movement; the toxin also helps to relieve pain during training.
Always being keen on the gym, I had always been in pretty good shape but I wanted to prove that my goals and dreams were still achievable, although having a disability. For the past four years I have dedicated myself to the gym. I am working hard to try and raise awareness for dystonia and also to help encourage anyone out there who may have disabilities, confidence or self esteem issues or anyone who generally wants to keep in shape.





  1. Great to read your blog James and the progress your making overcoming over life’s obstacles credit to you I to will be very interested in you training and diet,programme and I’ve seen your a grafter work wise as you worked on stuarts and Sarah o yes and grandson Matthews house extention 🖒

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  2. Congrats on starting the blog. YOUR story and life can do a lit to promote Dystonia awareness, and encourage others that their live isn’t over. ACCEPTANCE doesn’t mean giving up, and so many people don’t get that! I didn’t for years! I have had Dystonia for 25 years now. But I still have a life!! Great work you’re doing.

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  3. Wonderful to read
    Your Journey and how you are not letting this disease overcome
    You. I look forward to
    Future posts. You are inspiring many people James and are proof that despite adversity you can triumph. Thanks for the positivity.

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  4. Hi , I have been diagnosed for 5 years (cervical dystonia) recently it’s moved and I now get injected into my superhyiod muscles under my chin , it’s the first time for me and the doc , unfortunately it’s caused speech and swallowing problems I also feel like I’ve got pressure on my throat . I’ve just been discharged from my SLT as she helped as much as she could . I was wondering if you have injections in the same muscles (suprahyoid) and if it helps you . Thanks Lou

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  5. Hi James
    I have dystonia also. After years of treatment with Botox most of my symptoms are gone. However I am still left with some twitching in my neck. I also suffer from energy issues. I had my genetics tested to see if they could find the cause of my energy issues. They found something called POLG which is a genetic variance. They didn’t know if it was disease causing or not. The diagnosis was “probably damaging”. They had no advice for me. This was after spending $7000 on the test. The variance is a disorder that is tied to mytochondria. So I started taking supplements they recommend for mitochondria disorders. I noticed my neck stopped shaking. Over time through trial and error I found the supplement that was helping. It was B2 (Riboflavin) at high doses 3 times a day.

    At the very least you can try it and see if you get relief. I would also recommend getting your genetics tested. There may be multiple causes for Dystonia and my supplements may not help you. Good luck, and if you need to contact me, my email is bjleblanc@gmail.com


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